Studium Języków Obcych
Uniwersytetu Technologiczno-Przyrodniczego im. J. J. Śniadeckich w Bydgoszczy


SJO (The Department of Languages) is an independent unit within the university structure aiming at teaching students foreign languages. We also carry out doctoral examinations and test students who wish to participate in the foreign exchange within the Erasmus scheme.

Students who attend classes and seminars revise and expand their knowledge, learn the know-how, vocabulary, and language skills required by their future job.

SJO was established at WSI (Engineers Night School) in 1967. It was founded and governed by Tatiana Ostroumow MA.

SJO employs 27 academic teachers and 1 admin person. It comprises of English and German/Russian divisions.

We actively cooperate with foreign universities, technical and agricultural colleges, e.g. in Kassel and Brandenburg (Germany), Lyon (ISARA) and Touluse (France), Linköping (Sweden).

Our students can benefit from 10 scientific papers in English, German and Russian published by our academic staff. Further three papers are currently being published.

For many years we have been the host of the English and German language contests for our students. They also take part in similar contests organized by fellow universities.

"Translated Song Contest" is another event helping students to develop their foreign language skills. The idea is to choose a song in Polish, translate the lyrics and perform the new version in public.

Speaking contests have been organized since 2007. Many of our students as well as guest speakers take part. The contest is organized in cooperation with Bydgoszcz branch of English Speaking Union.

"Science Club" was etsablished in 2009. Its members meet regularly to promote the use of foreign languages in communication between foreign nationals and in everyday life. Also, they raise awareness of cultural heritage in the original language of a given country.

Students who know German are eligible for DAAD scholarship and they can sign up for a holiday language course.

SJO fulfills a crucial role by helping future engineers in developing their language skills necessary for professional career – in Poland or abroad.