Studium Języków Obcych
Uniwersytetu Technologiczno-Przyrodniczego im. J. J. Śniadeckich w Bydgoszczy


Polish language courses for Erasmus students

The course:

    • Consists of 50 academic hours per semester / 100 hours per year /
    • Its aim is to develop communication skills for students staying in our country.
    • Classes take place twice a week, two academic hours each.
    • All classes take place in the Department of Foreign Languages, 430 Fordońska Street, Fordon 
    • It costs only 1380 zl/ year/ 100 hours.
    • ** really competitive price comparing other universities in Bydgoszcz.
    • Note: It’s the course for students who stay in Poland at least for one year. Students pay in advance for the course which lasts a year.


    File to download: Application form